Barley prices continue to rise

2017-09-19 12:07:22
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Barley prices continue to rise

In Ukraine since the beginning of the week, the rise in purchasing prices for feed barley, the main cause of which is an active export demand amid the shortage of supply from manufacturers.

The reduction of barley production in Ukraine has affected the world balance that made the largest importers to raise prices for enhancing supply. At the last tenders Saudi Arabia bought the barley at the price 200-211 $/t on the basis of the destination port that corresponds to 170-175 $/MT on FOB – black sea ports.

During the week, the purchasing prices for feed barley increased by 3-5 $/t to the level 162-165 $/t or 5000-5050 UAH/t on conditions CPT-port.

On the domestic grain elevators, barley prices are 4600-4700 UAH/ton.

The rate of exports increased, and in Ukraine at the beginning of September is togoron, and in Russia exceeded by 19%.

As at 13.09.17 domestic farmers in 2017/18 MG exported of 7.77 million tons of grain, in particular:

  • wheat – 4.23 million tons,
  • barley – 2.35 million tons,
  • corn – 1.17 million tons.

Russian producers on a specified date from the beginning of the new season exported 8,891 million tonnes of grain, in particular:

  • wheat – 6,711 million tons,
  • barley – 1,573 million tons,
  • corn – 554 thousand tons

The growth of Russian exports is due to the increase in shipments of barley to 1.6 times, and of corn at 5.9 times.