The price of Ukrainian soya and sunflower support the high demand

2017-11-30 12:30:02
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The price of Ukrainian soya and sunflower support the high demand

On world markets continues the trend in falling prices for oilseeds and vegetable oils, due to record global harvests, large reserves and forecasts the consumption reduction.


the Experts are expected to reduce the growth of vegetable oil consumption of up to 3% per year, despite preliminary estimates at the 5% level. The fall in demand caused by the decrease in the rate of growth of the use of vegetable oils in the biofuel industry up to 2% per year, compared to 15% in 2000-2010 and 10% in 2010-2017 years. Active development of the production of electric vehicles and limiting the use of diesel engines will lead to a substantial reduction in biodiesel production in the next 10 years.


the Price of soybeans in the United States fell after the new forecast USDA the increase in acreage under soybean with 90,2 million acres this year to 91 million acres in 2018. In addition, sediments in South America improved the condition of soybean crops.


In Ukraine, the price of soybeans is gradually increasing due to the strengthening of the dollar and increased demand. Delay harvesting of soybeans and the deterioration of the gross harvest, logistical problems led to the shortage of supply of soybean in ports. Therefore, to attract the necessary parties forced traders to raise prices.


In the port price for soybeans with GMOs has increased in the $2-3/MT to the level 369-370 $/t or 11600-11700 UAH/t, soybean without GMOs remained at 397-400 $/t or 12400-12450 UAH/t


sunflower Prices remain at the level of 10800-11000 UAH /t with delivery to the factories, and on ex-Elevator or Franco-depending on the region ranging 10500-10600 UAH/t


Prices demand for Ukrainian sunflower and soybean oil FOB Black sea ports are down after the world that in the near future will affect the internal purchase prices.