Prices on Ukrainian corn continues to grow

2016-10-21 12:05:46
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Prices on Ukrainian corn continues to grow

in the Course of this week the Ukrainian market was observed growth of demand prices for feed corn. Such dynamics is due to the fact that traders for the execution of previously concluded agreements need to purchase a significant amount  of grain.


Adverse weather conditions and the need for priority collection of sunflower and soybeans slow down the pace of harvesting corn, which leads to a reduction of its deliveries to the ports that some of the traders there is a shortage of products.


an Additional factor was the logistical problems associated with the shortage of rolling stock fleet of grain wagons, driven by rising volumes of rail traffic through the introduction of freight control of vehicles and increasing transportation costs.


Previously, traders were paid a bonus in the amount of 30 UAH/ton for shipping by rail, and now they offer a premium for truck delivery.


the Price of Ukrainian corn has reached such values:

  • on the basis of CPT-port of $150/ton or 4500-4550 UAH/ton,
  • on the Franco-Elevator 4100-4150 UAH/ton.


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