Prices for Ukrainian grain grow

2017-03-02 12:09:37
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Prices for Ukrainian grain grow

In Ukraine, prices for all crops on the basis of the CPT continues to grow.


the Main reason for the growth is a steady demand and a limited number of offerings on the market. The approaching of the spring-field works has not increased sales, but traders need to complete an export transaction, so they raise prices.


Just last week rose barley, the price of which on the basis of CPT-port increased from 144 $/ton or 4500 UAH/t to $150/ton or 4750 UAH/t.


the Rise of wheat prices on the global market, and the victory of the party of Ukrainian wheat in the Egyptian tender effect on the purchasing prices on the domestic market, which grew by 2-3 $/tn and currently are:


  • 2 class 171-173 $/ton or 5200-5400 UAH/t,
  • class 3 170-171 $/ton or 5200-5350 UAH/t,
  • feed 158-162 $/ton or 4900-5150 UAH/t


wheat Prices are rising despite a decline in demand from India, which is the main buyer of Russian wheat. The Indian government has changed the requirements for fumigation and are planning to introduce a duty on wheat imports in the amount of 25%.


the price of corn in the port remain at 154-156 $/ton or 4850-4950 UAH/ton.