Prices for soybeans and sunflower continues to grow

2017-09-12 12:22:15
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Prices for soybeans and sunflower continues to grow

oilseed market prices for vegetable oil remained at a high level, while the raw materials for them are relatively inexpensive. Traders expect falling prices for oil, therefore, did not raise procurement prices for soybeans and sunflower, and canola only thanks to active demand in August showed significant growth.

However, after reduction by the European Commission import duties on Argentine biodiesel during the week rapeseed in the EU fell from 370 to 361 €/t or 432 $/t

In Ukraine, the price of rapeseed has declined from 420 $/t to 415 $/MT on the basis of CPT-port and the DAP – border of Ukraine-Poland.

Traders to buy raps and proceed to purchase soybean export prices due to increased demand during the week has increased by 10-15 $/t For soybean GMO buyers offer 10600-10700 UAH/t or 350-355 $/ton, whereas soy non-GMO with additional premium is trading at 365-370 $/t in October – November on CPT-port.

Processors continue to raise prices for sunflower on the background of the transition to an active harvest, the first results of which indicate a decrease in yield compared to last year.

Purchase prices for sunflower are:

  • 10100-10300 UAH/t on elevators,
  • 10300-10600 UAH/t at the factory
  • 10500-10600 UAH/t at the port.


Export prices of sunflower rose by 3 $/t, however, the potential for further growth remains.