The price of soybeans falls under the pressure of falling markets oilseeds

2020-09-28 12:50:21
The price of soybeans falls under the pressure of falling markets oilseeds

a Sharp decrease in soybean crop in Ukraine as a result of drought will lead to increased demand in the face of limited sales, resulting in a purchase price for the entire season will remain at a high level, despite the decline in world prices of soybeans and vegetable oil, which is observed in recent years.


Quite differently behaves the sunflower market prices for the month rose by 40-45% due to forecasts of reduction of the harvest in Ukraine and Russia, and then have fallen by 20-25% after the vegetable oil markets.


Promotion of sunflower harvest continues to put pressure on purchase prices. As of September 24, in Ukraine, 3.6 million hectares or 56% of the area harvested 6.8 mln tonnes of sunflower with a yield of 1.89 t/ha, whereas last year on this date she was 2.27 t/ha. This confirms the forecast of the harvest at the level of 13.5-14 million tonnes compared to 15.5 million tonnes in 2019


Forecast soy remains at the level of 2.6-3 million tons compared to 3.7 million tonnes in 2019, and now with 485 thousand ha or 36% of the area harvested 969 thousand tonnes of soybeans with a yield of 2 t/ha.


Reduction of soybean crop in Ukraine on the background of the increasing number of traders who planned the export of soybeans, has led to a sharp rise in purchase prices at the port reached the level of 410-415 $/t or 13600-14000 UAH/MT for soybeans with GMOs and 420-430 $/t or 13500-14500 UAH/t for soya without GMO, but after the fall of the world prices for vegetable oils last week fell slightly. While sales of soy all this time remained at a low level, whereas the growth of prices for sunflower seeds have led to increased sales of manufacturers.


Processors in the current season actively competing with exporters and offer 13600-14000 UAH for soy GMO and without delivery to the plant that the delivery exceeds the export price and the equivalent 417-428 $/t at the port. The purchase price of domestic soybeans from exporters on Friday dropped in the port to 390-400 $/t or 13300-13600 UAH/MT for soybeans with GMOs and 410-430 $/t or 13500-14500 UAH/t for soybeans non-GMO.


the harvest of soybeans in the U.S. has not yet affected international prices, since China has been actively purchasing U.S. soy that supports the physical market price of soybeans from the United States and Argentina at the level of 415-420 $/t FOB, and that of Brazil level 430-440 $/t FOB.


Weekly export sales of soybeans from the U.S. reached a record 3.2 million tonnes, of which 1.6 million tonnes bought in China. However, due to the cheaper palm and soybean oil for 8-10% soybean futures fell to of 367.8 $/t


in the Near future prices for soybeans will remain under pressure and uncertainty with the harvest in Ukraine and the USA, and also the beginning of sowing soybeans in Brazil, where it is planned to increase acreage.

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