Prices for sunflower oil continue to decline

2018-09-26 12:08:14
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Prices for sunflower oil continue to decline

Egyptian operator GASC has purchased the tender 51,5 thousand tons, vegetable oil delivery during October 25 – November 10.


in Particular was purchased:

sunflower oil 10 kt in the company ADM and 11.5 thousand tons in Aston at a price of 719 $/t

  • soybean oil 30 kt in the company of Hakan at the price 698,7 $/t,


Prices of sunflower oil were within 719-731 $/ton, and the purchase price was 17 $/t lower than at the previous tender, while the purchase price of soybean oil increased by 3.9%.


After a long fall began to recover, prices for soybean and palm oil.


Malaysia during 1-25 September increased compared to the corresponding period of Aug palm oil exports by 62% or 1,327 million tonnes, which supported stock prices.


After falling to 510 $/MT of palm oil prices in Kuala Lumpur rose to 527,8 $/t


In Chicago yesterday the quotation of soybean oil rose by $4/t to 632,2 $/MT amid rising oil prices and the increased demand for soybeans and oil fell the day before.


In Ukraine, the bid prices for sunflower oil fell to 660-665 $/t FOB for shipments in November. Soon, however, they can grow due to increased demand from India, for which experts predict a reduction in the production of oilseeds.