Prices for sunflower oil continue to decline

2018-05-30 12:17:51
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Prices for sunflower oil continue to decline

Falling demand led to a further fall in export prices for sunflower oil in Ukraine.


the vegetable oil Markets remain under pressure increase proposals of soy oil from South America and a decline in oil prices from 80 to 75 $per barrel.


due to demand reduction in palm oil prices in Malaysia for a week fell 3% to 606 $/t


According surveys company AmSpec Agri Malaysia, during 1-20 may have been exported 736,942 thousand tons of oil, which is 21% less than the same period last month. A further fall in prices, the devaluation has weakened the Malaysian ringgit against the dollar.


In Chicago prices for soybean oil fell 1.2% to 691,3 $/t


In Ukraine since the beginning of the week the price of demand for unrefined sunflower oil decreased to 745-750 $/t FOB for deliveries in June, but the starting bid for the supply of sunflower oil in October-December fell to 735-740 $/t FOB.


a Decline in prices for sunflower oil led to a further decline in demand and prices of sunflower old crop. A sunflower planted 5.5 million hectares or 100% of the forecast, although experts believe that the actual planted areas will exceed 6 million hectares and the gross harvest will reach 14-14. 5 million,T.