The price of sunflower and soybean in Ukraine suffer from poor demand

2018-11-19 12:11:49
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The price of sunflower and soybean in Ukraine suffer from poor demand

Collapse of world prices for vegetable oils continues to put pressure on purchasing prices for sunflower and soybean in Ukraine.


Prices for palm oil in Kuala Lumpur for the week decreased by 3.3% to 470,6 $/t for deliveries in December under pressure from large supply and carryover stocks, and this, according to traders, will put pressure on prices until the beginning of 2019. After market palm oil falls neighboring markets, soybean and sunflower oil. Soybean oil in Chicago for three days decreased 1.4% to 608,7 $/t


Prices for Ukrainian sunflower oil decreased to 630-635 $/t FOB, which is the lowest level of the last 10 years.


the Increase of oil quotations for the three days of 1.4% to 67.4 $/bbl can support prices for vegetable oils in the near future. OPEC agreed to cut oil production next month, which will keep oil prices from further decline.


the Purchase price of sunflower in Ukraine continue to decline under the pressure of a large supply of new crop and falling prices for oil. An additional factor of pressure was the strengthening of the interbank hryvnia exchange rate against the dollar to the level 27,79 UAH/$.


sunflower Prices delivered to the plant decreased to 10000-10500 UAH./t, and the ex-farm - to 9500-9600 UAH/t


the Demand for soybean on the part of processors continues to decrease with the accumulation of soybean meal and oil due to low export demand for these products. The processors offered for soybeans with a high content of protein 9800-10000 UAH/t with delivery to the plant, whereas the price of grain elevators dropped to 8500-8600 UAH/t. the Demand for soybeans from exporters are also very low, so the purchase prices remain at 315-320 $/t delivery port.


the Growth of demand for Ukrainian soybeans from exporters is only possible provided the increasing import into the EU, which continues to increase the import of cheap U.S. soybeans.

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