Prices for rapeseed growing due to low yield

2016-08-11 12:33:54
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Prices for rapeseed growing due to low yield

On the French stock exchange continues to rise canola. In recent days the price has increased from 356 euros/tone 370євро per ton. The main growth factor is the reduction of forecast harvest of rapeseed in the EU and Ukraine.


In Ukraine, the rape continues to rise due to the small number of proposals and the increase in demand. Now on the basis of CPT-port for rape offer 395-398 $/ton or 11400 UAH/t, while that of domestic elevators 11000-11100 UAH/tone.

The price of soybeans in the U.S. market continues to seek a new price level on the background of the forecast of a record harvest of 107 million tonnes. Everyone is expecting the August USDA report, which should confirm the expectations of traders on ample supply of soybean new crop that will be a signal to reduce cost.

The price of soybeans of the new crop in Ukraine also decreased and now is declared at the level of 360-370 $/t on conditions CPT-port. Weather conditions for the development and maturation of the soybean crop in Ukraine is favourable, so expectations for a good harvest are confirmed.