Prices for rapeseed in Ukraine is growing in the world

2018-07-03 12:04:12
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Prices for rapeseed in Ukraine is growing in the world

2018/19 mg of the rapeseed crop in the EU could shrink by 0.82 million tonnes and slightly exceed 21 million tons of Hot weather and prolonged lack of rainfall in the major producing countries has adversely affected productivity of oilseeds, the area sown under which declined slightly.


Experts Strategie Grains lowered its estimates of rapeseed production in the EU in 2018/19 MG to 21.11 million tons, against the forecast in June 21,38 million tonnes in may and is 22.2 million tons.


Thanks to new forecasts September futures on rapeseed increased by 8 €/t to 359,25 €/t or 418,5 $/t


canola Production in Canada will grow for the fourth consecutive year in 2018/19 MG may reach a record 22 million tons against of 21.31 million tonnes in 2017/18 MG. A good harvest would contribute to the precipitation, which passed over the canadian prairies.


According to the Statcan report, acreage Canalou will increase to 22.7 million acres (despite traders ' expectations at 22.4 million acres), which is 1.1% lower than the level of last year.


due to the increase In acreage and the fall of the neighboring soybean market prices for canola in Chicago decreased from 512 CАD/t to 506 CАD/t or 383,9 $/t


In Ukraine the prices for rape after a previous fall to 383 to 385 $/t recovered to the level 390-393 $/t or 12200-12250 UAH/t for deliveries in the port, although the processors at the plant while offering 11300-11600 UAH/t


Through heavy precipitation, the collection is very slow and as of July 2, of 172 thousand hectares (17% of the forecast), harvested 328 thousand tonnes of rapeseed with a yield of 1.91 t/ha.

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