Prices for rapeseed in Ukraine fall in the EU – growing

2019-07-05 12:46:31
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Prices for rapeseed in Ukraine fall in the EU – growing

for the Second consecutive day prices for rapeseed on Euronext are growing, with the support of soybean quotations in Chicago.


August futures rose 3.5 €/t to 364,75 €/t. the Market supported the slowdown in the production of rapeseed in the EU, particularly in Germany, which is the largest producer. According to estimates of the Union of German farmers (DBV), the rapeseed crop will be below average due to the drought in the fall of 2018, which came in the period of sowing of winter rape, that the acreage under it has decreased by nearly 1/3 to 337 thousand hectares. the Yield of winter canola will not exceed 3.1 million tons, which is 600 thousand t will give the level 2018


in Recent years, Germany has been steadily reducing the production of rapeseed:


in 2014, 6.2 million tons,

2015 - 5.0 mln t,

2016 - 4.6 million tons,

2017 - 4.3 million tons,

2018 - 3.7 mn t

in 2019 it is projected at 3.1 million tons.

  • in 2013, it was 5.8 million tons,


In Ukraine, this week the price of canola fell in the port at 3-4 $/t 396-397 up to $/t. Due to the strengthening of the hryvnia from 26.2 to 25.8 grn/S hryvnia prices lost another 150-160 UAH/t, and in General for the week decreased to 300-400 UAH/t to 12100-12200 UAH/t


On June 3, Ukraine harvested 785,7 thousand tons of winter rapeseed from 30.3% of the area with productivity of 2 t/ha compared to 36% of the area and 2.14 t/ha last year. The spring drought in the southern regions reduced the yield of rapeseed.


the Production of rapeseed in Ukraine is growing amid increased demand from processors and increased exports in the EU, which in comparison with last year will increase import 1.5-2 million tons of processing capacity utilization with the reduction of its own production.

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