The price of rapeseed grew up in Paris until 406,5 €/t

2019-12-18 12:09:06
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The price of rapeseed grew up in Paris until 406,5 €/t

Despite the projected decline in world rapeseed production due to reduced acreage in the EU and drought in Australia, the price of rapeseed on Euronext since the beginning of the season remained stable at 375-385 €/t due to strong imports of rapeseed from Ukraine.


pressure cheap canadian canola from purchases which refused the main buyer China, prices for rapeseed in Ukraine in July-August was 5-10 $/t lower than last year, and was $ 390-410 $/t, despite an expected deficit of rapeseed in the EU.


After an active rise in price first palm, and then, after increase of export duties Argentina, and soybean oil, quotes, rapeseed oil since the beginning of the week increased by 10 €/t to 840 €/t DM FOB for shipments in January-February.


February futures on rapeseed on Euronext rose yesterday by 3 €/t to 406,5 €/t or 452,74 $/t. the price of canola also increased to 475 CAD/360,8 t or $/t


According to the updated data of the European Commission, during 8-15 December imports of rapeseed decreased compared to the previous week at 77% to 138,1 to 31.7 thousand tons But imports of rapeseed in the EU in 2019/20 MG, 66% higher than the previous year and amounted to 3.45 million tons.


a Major supplier of rapeseed in the EU is Ukraine, whose share in total imports 75.6% or 2.6 million tonnes, the Second position is Canada with a share of 20.1%, or 691,91 thousand tons.


the Main European buyers in 2019/20 Mr steel Netherlands (852,56 thousand tons), France (782,6 kt), Belgium (747,5 thousand tons), Germany (603,2 thousand tons) and Poland (150,5 thousand tons).

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