Prices for rapeseed and soybeans unstable

2016-07-21 14:52:03
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Prices for rapeseed and soybeans unstable

continue harvesting of rapeseed in France. The decrease in yield was not as critical as previously expected. Remain concerns oil content of grain. The Ministry of agriculture Canada predicts a decrease in rapeseed production to 15.9 million tons, mainly due to the reduction of acreage and drop in yields. This rating was much below previous forecasts for the country.


Ukraine has already harvested 800 thousand tons of rapeseed and estimated gross yield can be as high as 1.4 million . The demand is high and prices for the week increased by 300-400 UAH/t and reached 10700-10800 UAH/t on the elevators. The prices on the basis of CPT-port are within 380-387 dollars.


After the publication of the USDA report, which confirms good soy harvest in the US for favorable weather conditions, the funds started to sell oil.


Meteorologists predict a decrease of the heat wave in the coming days, which may affect flowering plants. However, while the weather forecast remains uncertain.


the Price of soybeans of the new crop fell to 373 us $/tn with 390-400 $/ton, which was last week. Soy prices in the us market affect the price of oilseeds in Ukraine, which remains at 380 $/t.with delivery in October, November