Prices for rapeseed and canola continue to grow

2016-10-28 13:21:07
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Prices for rapeseed and canola continue to grow

the reduction of the yield in the EU and Ukraine as well as deteriorating weather conditions in Canada and the consequent reduction in gross yield of canola, provoked growth of quotations of canola on the Chicago stock exchange to 520 canadian dollars per tonne or 388 $/ton, which was the highest value of the last 4 months.


Talks on limiting oil production are still being conducted, but Russia has refused to cut oil production, allowing prices to stay at $50/barrel.


the price of rapeseed on the French stock exchange continues to grow and has already tested the resistance of 400 € /t at the February agreements, but now canola is trading at 396,50 Euro/ton or 432,78 $/ton.


Prices for rapeseed in Ukraine increased to 420 $/ton, but almost all companies have already completed their programmes for the procurement of rapeseed due to the lack of offers to sell.


the Largest exporters of rapeseed in the current season are ADM trading Ukraine and Cargill, the total share of which exceeds one third of total exports and accounts for 34.2%.


TOP of the largest exporters of rapeseed looks like this: