Wheat prices in Ukraine are sharply reduced after the exchange

2019-04-18 12:22:55
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Wheat prices in Ukraine are sharply reduced after the exchange

the Fall of wheat price on global markets has led to increased reduction of purchasing prices for Ukrainian wheat in the ports.


an Additional factor putting pressure on the purchase prices of completing export programs procurement of wheat in this season the main exporters before the end of April.


Yesterday the price of wheat fell by 100-200 UAH/t, continuing the fall started Monday.

the Price for food wheat decreased by 3-4$/t to 201-203$/t or 6200-6400грн/t, while prices for feed dropped to 5-6$/t to 190-191$/t or 5850-6100грн/t delivery port. It should be noted that acceptance of wheat will be only for April 25-28.


Prices for black sea milling wheat new crop continue to fall amid forecasts of output growth in Russia, and during the week prices fell by $ 5-6 to 185-192$/t FOB or 165-170 USD/t CPT port.


the Decline in prices demand in international markets for the supply of old crop wheat continues to lower wheat prices for delivery in may.


On the stock exchange Euronext in Paris yesterday quotations of wheat for delivery in may declined again by 1.25/t to 185,0/t or 208,96$/ton and quotations of new crop with delivery in September rose 0.5/t to 174,25/t or 196,8$/t. the Lack of rainfall in the southern regions of Europe continues to concern traders.


Yesterday on the us exchanges experienced a speculative rebound and prices rose slightly on the procurement to lock in profits. A delay of sowing of spring wheat is not worrisome since the projected burnt and dry weather, and large amounts of moisture in the soil ensures a good harvest.


the May quotes of the American wheat have risen:

  • soft wheat SRW in Chicago by $0.73 to 164,24 $/ton
  • hard wheat HRW in Kansas city by $1.28 to 154,50 $/ton
  • hard wheat HRS in Minneapolis by $0.09 to 193,82 $/ton