The price of wheat in the United States and in Ukraine are growing

2017-03-07 12:06:21
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The price of wheat in the United States and in Ukraine are growing

the price of Ukrainian wheat grew by $1/ton and now stand at about 172-174 $/ton or 4350-4400 UAH/t on the basis CPT-port. Export demand is still high, as traders need to close deals, however, becomes more and more apparent decline in demand for wheat from the side of the main importer of the national grain crops of India.


Good forecasts of future crops and rising prices more European reduces the competitiveness of Ukrainian wheat on world markets.


In Chicago futures wheat becoming more expensive by the second day in a row. On Tuesday the market was rendered by news about the dry phenomenon in some parts of the American Plains. Likely next week frosts can damage the winter crops that started premature the growing season.


Affected the market and the forecast reduction in wheat production in Australia next season.


during the week, USDA inspectors checked for export 535,92 thousand tons of wheat, which is 1.4% less than the previous week, however, 19.3% more than last year.


May the wheat prices in the U.S. rose

  • in Chicago by 1.84 $/tonne to 168,47 $/tones of soft winter wheat SRW,
  • in Kansas city 0.83 $/tonne to 174,16 $/tones on hard winter wheat HRW,

the Price of hard spring wheat HRS in Minneapolis has decreased by 2.02 $/tonne to 199,24 $/ton.