Wheat prices stabilized

2017-01-24 12:14:22
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Wheat prices stabilized

wheat Prices remain stable. In Chicago it is trading for 159 $/tn in Paris – 170 Euro/ton or 182,6 $/ton.


In Ukraine, foreign exchange, wheat prices also remain unchanged through minor export demand, but after the strengthening of the hryvnia on the interbank market the hryvnia rise in prices has stopped. Now in the port for wheat offer:

  • 2 class $160 to 163 or 5100-5200 UAH/t,
  • class 3 $159-162 or 5000-5150 UAH/t,
  • forage $152-154 or 4800-4900 UAH/t


Egypt to tender 20.01.17 bought 60 thousand tons of wheat of Ukrainian origin with delivery in the period of 22 February – 3 March p. g. from Louis Dreyfus at a price 188,74 $/t FOB + 12,3 $/t freight = 201,04 $/t C&F. In comparison with the previous auction of Russian wheat has risen by 3-5 $/t, that the preference given to small parties more than cheap Ukrainian wheat.


Recall that in the previous tender on 14 January, Egypt has acquired 235 thousand tons of wheat of Russian and Romanian origin at a price 198-200,64 $/t C&F for delivery in the period 15 to 25 February.


However, the victory in the Egyptian tender will not increase the procurement price of wheat in Ukraine, as in the world markets the demand for grain remains low.


in the last week, wheat exports decreased and amounted to:

  • from the United States 242,5 thousand tons with the expectations of experts in the 300-450 thousand tons,
  • from Russia 310 thousand tons,
  • from Ukraine 200 thousand tons.