Wheat prices continued to decline

2017-08-07 12:26:30
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Wheat prices continued to decline

Stunningly low end of the export week remains the main factor of pressure on the market U.S. wheat on Friday.


in addition to exports over exchanges tended, and the realization record of the world's total wheat supply.


a Speculative purchase at the end of the trading day were only able to limit the fall in prices in Chicago and Kansas city.


the September winter wheat futures in the U.S. fell:

  • soft wheat SRW in Chicago for $1.11/ton to 167,08 $/t,
  • for hard wheat HRW in Kansas city by 0.10 $/t to 168,83 $/t

Hard spring wheat HRS in Minneapolis rose at 1.10 $/t to 263,17 $/t


Informa has downgraded its forecast for US wheat production at 46 million tonnes, while USDA's forecast for July was USD 47.9 million.

Reducing prices in Chicago in conjunction with an increase in Russian wheat forecast and approaching the finale of the French harvest campaign have pushed prices for European wheat ..

the long-Awaited weakening of the Euro could slightly limit the decrease in the September futures.


  • September milling wheat quotations on the MATIF fell by 0.25 €/t to 163,25 €/t (193,74 $/t).


In Ukraine, the continuing decline in prices for feed wheat and food with protein 11,5%, which at the end of the previous week traded at 151-154 $/t and 164 to 166 $/t delivered to port, respectively. The price of wheat protein and 12.5% declined only by $2/t and is located at 170-173 $/t delivered to the port.