Wheat prices worldwide continue to fall

2017-04-21 12:16:44
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Wheat prices worldwide continue to fall

on Thursday tumbled wheat prices on U.S. exchanges, although important reason for this was not. Factor large ending stocks of wheat in the world is no longer news, though the occasional use of a speculators. However, neither he nor the updated projections for precipitation do not have the necessary capacity.


the Weekly export sales was insignificant, but in line with expectations of experts.To derail the wheat market shortly before the end of trading are a sharp strengthening of the US currency.


the May wheat futures in the U.S. fell:

  • in Chicago by 4.69 $/tonne to 149,27 $/tones on soft winter SRW wheat,
  • in Kansas city is 5.14 $/tonne to 147,98 $/tone on a solid winter HRW-wheat,
  • in Minneapolis by 3.77 $/tonne to 193,64 $/tone on a solid spring HRS wheat.


After a brief lull, the European market resumed the downward movement after Chicago.


strengthening of the Euro further pressure on prices. Limited the fall weather factor of uncertainty. Cool and dry weather in France causing concern for the winter crops.


the May futures milling wheat on MATIF fell by € 1.25/t to 163,25 EUR/t or 175,44 $/t


In Ukraine, purchasing prices for wheat also decreased. Not yet taken into account the cold and snow, as they do not pose a threat to winter wheat, although manufacturers warn about the lack of heat necessary for the normal development of plants.


the Remains of wheat on April 1 to 4.98 million tons, of which 2,659 million tons are from manufacturers. As 01.03.17 balances of wheat in Ukraine amounted to 6.05 million tons.


Today, in the ports of Ukraine for wheat offer :

  • 2 grade166-167 $/ton or 5200-5250 UAH/t,
  • 3 grade  166-167 $/ton or 5100-5200 UAH/t,
  • feed  158-161 $/ton or 4900-5050 UAH/t