Wheat prices fall in anticipation of the quarterly USDA report

2018-09-28 12:20:58
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Wheat prices fall in anticipation of the quarterly USDA report

In anticipation of Friday's publication of the quarterly USDA report on stocks and production of wheat in the U.S., prices on the stock exchanges of the USA and Europe on Thursday continued to decline.


Traders believe that the balances as at 1 September 3.4% higher than the same period last year.


the Market taken into account and a slight increase experts CIG estimates global wheat production to 717 million tonnes, which will still yield forecast USDA.


Prices are unable to maintain even growth weekly export sales of US wheat, as the trailers, consider it a short-term achievement, while in world markets continues to dominate Russian wheat.


For the week, export sales grew by 51% to 657 thousand tonnes, which is 40% more than last year, while export shipments for the week increased by 13% and reached its highest April level 483,6 thousand tonnes, which is 25% less than the corresponding period in 2017.


the December U.S. wheat futures rose fell:

1.38 $/t to 190,05 $/t for solid winter HRW wheat in Kansas city.

  • 1.65 $/MT to 188,49 $/t for SRW soft winter-wheat in Chicago

At the same time has risen in price for 0,92 $/t to 213,11 $/t hard spring HRS wheat in Minneapolis.


In Ukraine due to strong demand and the devaluation of the hryvnia procurement prices for wheat at the port for a few days increased by 1-2 $/m and now make up:

protein 11,5% 196-203 $/t or 6550-6650 UAH/t,

forage 191-192 $/t or 6250-6350 UAH/t

  • protein 12,5% 200-205 $/t or 6750-6800 UAH/t,