Wheat prices recovered from yesterday's fall

2018-04-05 12:05:57
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Wheat prices recovered from yesterday's fall

Through the request of China, an importer of mitts to the United States, that kukurudzu, vchora tsini for wheat on US birks in the course of trade fell oddly by 2%. Prote export of American wheat is not affected, the US stockpiles export to China is insignificant. Wheat and kukurudzi wheat are the cause of the invasion until the end of trading.


the May futures for U.S. wheat had the following dynamics:

0.46 $/t to 178,57 $/ton rose solid winter HRW wheat in Kansas city

at 2.30 $/t to 211,92 $/t cheaper solid spring HRS wheat in Minneapolis.

  • 0,64 $/t to 167,46 $/t cheaper winter SRW soft wheat in Chicago


Algeria at the tender 3 APR bought 330 thousand tonnes of soft milling wheat of French origin for the price of 229 $/t C&F, which is 3 $/t higher than the purchase prices of previous trades.


the tender by Algeria last time this season, bought wheat, however, significantly supported the price of European grain prices, which yesterday was under heavy pressure collapse on the U.S. stock exchanges, but the support has not changed compared to the previous auction.


In Ukraine the price of wheat old crop remain unchanged, whereas the pressure increase of forecasts of the new crop forward prices started to decline. Now for delivery in July-August, traders offer in the port for wheat:

protein 11,5% 175-177 $/t,

feed 168-169 $/t

  • protein 12,5% 178-180 $/t,