Oilseed prices drop sharply

2017-06-23 12:18:50
Machine translation
Oilseed prices drop sharply

the Fall in oil prices to 45.32 $/barrel and better weather resulted in lower prices for the oilseed.


within a week in Malaysia on the stock exchange in Kuala Lumpur July palm oil futures fell $15/ton to 625,36 $/ton, and September – 17.5 $/MT to 592 $/t Owing to the decline in prices intensified the export of oil. In may, the country sold 1.5 million tons of palm oil, which is 0.3 million tonnes higher than April.


Improved weather conditions in the US led to cheaper soybeans and soybean oil, which was depreciated with 736 $/t to 706 $/ton.


news of good crops of canola in Canada put pressure on the canola market in Chicago. Within 3 days it fell to 10 $/t and is now trading at 474 CAD/t or 358 $/t


Continuing fall in the price of rapeseed on Euronext. Yesterday it dropped to 1 Euro/ton to € 357/t or 398,7 $/t


a Decline in prices for sunflower oil have affected the purchase price of the sunflower.


week-End processors significantly reduced prices, so there is now a considerable discrepancy between the minimum and maximum price:

  • 9600-10300 UAH/t, FCA-car buyer
  • 9600-10900 UAH/MT CPT-plant.