Oilseed prices declined slightly

2018-04-19 12:12:09
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Oilseed prices declined slightly

At Chicago soybean futures fell to 387,5 $/t soybean meal to 421 $/t


Traders are watching the progress of the sowing campaign in the Northern hemisphere, which detained the cool and excessively wet weather, and also expect negotiations between the U.S. and China on issues of import duties on soybeans and metals.


the Price of soybeans on the physical market stabilized, and the prize for Brazilian soybeans decreased slightly. Argentina began to actively buy soybeans from U.S. and Brazil to upload your own refining capacities and to fulfill export contracts for the supply of soybean meal.


the price of canola is increasing due to the strengthening of the canadian dollar and are caused by the cold delayed planting in the canadian prairies.


pressure increase forecasts rapeseed production in the EU in 2018, the August rapeseed futures on Euronext within 10 days fell by 7 €/t to 343 €/t or 423,9 $/t


palm oil Prices are falling because of demand reduction, however, due to a seasonal drop in production, the reduction of inventories will support prices in the near future.


Stable demand for Ukrainian soybean support prices at a high level. Traders offer at the port soy non-GMO 430-440 $/t or 13-13,3 thousand UAH/t, and for soy GMO 410-415 $/t or 12650-12850 UAH/t


the Failure of the Parliament to cancel the "soy amendments" to the beginning of sowing of oilseeds would reduce the acreage of soybeans.


Excellent condition of the crops gives hope for a harvest in the range of 2.5-2.6 million tonnes For rapeseed of the new harvest with August delivery now offering 410-412 $/t