Prices for oilseeds are reduced

2017-07-24 12:12:58
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Prices for oilseeds are reduced

the World price for oilseeds is reduced due to the fall in oil prices from 50 to 48,21$/barrel and precipitation, which took place in a zone of cultivation of soybeans and canola in the United States and Canada.


on Friday in Chicago soybeans fell by 2% to 368 $/t and soya oil by 1.37% to 745,16 $/t


a Decrease in air temperature and recent precipitation in the prairies of Canada has reduced the risks of damage to the crops of canola, so in Chicago prices have fallen from 507 to 499 CAD/t or 398,27 $/t


In Europe during the week, soybean oil fell by 9 €/t to 707 €/t on FOB basis, the price of sunflower oil remained at the level 790-795 €/t


On the Euronext of the price of canola due to the active new harvest fell to 365 €/t, however, due to the strengthening of the Euro price in dollar terms remains at the level of 425 $/t


Delay the harvesting campaign in Ukraine supports the high demand for rapeseed.


Traders offer today for rape:

  • internal elevators 12000-12200 UAH/t
  • in the port 408-412 $/t or 12400-12650 UAH/t

Processors with delivery to the plant are willing to pay 12000-12250 UAH/ton.