Corn prices remain in an upward trend

2018-01-25 12:13:50
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Corn prices remain in an upward trend

the fall of the Euro and the rise in wheat prices helped push corn futures yesterday to grow by 1.5% and 140.3 to $/t


Further supported the price increase in the last week ethanol production in the United States to 1,062 million barrels per day. The number of residues of ethanol rose to 23.8 million barrels and exceeded the record figure of March last year.


Traders are closely watching weather conditions in South America. In some regions of Argentina recorded a deficit of moisture, whereas in Brazil the rains improve crop condition.


In Ukraine continues to grow the demand price of corn.


this week prices at the port increased by 2-3 $/t to the level 159-160 $/t or 5,300 UAH/t. This increase is due to increased demand from China and the strengthening of the Euro, which will increase grain exports to Europe even with the fees.