Corn prices continue to rise in the EU and in Ukraine

2016-10-28 12:09:38
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Corn prices continue to rise in the EU and in Ukraine

the Pace of corn exports from the United States are at a sufficient level, which confirmed yesterday's report. The growth in demand supports prices, but farmers are not willing to sell product at current price level. All this contributes to the strengthening of corn prices to the level of 140,74 $/ton.


the Price of corn Euronext also increased. The grain harvest In France  had fallen short of expectations and can be only 12 million tons. Quotes rose by 2.25 euros/ton and now stand at EUR 166,25/t or 181,82 $/ton.


at the end of the week, prices for Ukrainian corn began to decrease  on the background of the increasing number of offers and volumes. Some market operators continue to maintain high purchase prices, but at this point, that the validity of these prices will be maintained within 5-10days.

Logistical problems related to the lack of rolling stock fleet of grain cars remain a major factor supporting high prices.

The price of Ukrainian corn is:

  • on the basis of CPT-port 150-152 $/ton or 4500-4600 UAH/ton,
  • on the Franco-Elevator 4100-4150 UAH/ton.