Prices for black sea wheat of the new harvest increased to 200 $/MT FOB

2020-05-26 12:11:17
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Prices for black sea wheat of the new harvest increased to 200 $/MT FOB

the Market for French wheat yesterday grew with the support of weather factors, while in the US it was a holiday for Remembrance Day.


Experts believe that the recent precipitation will not be able to improve the prospects for crops in the South of Ukraine and Russia, where the drought of March and April caused severe damage to crops. Data on the increase in purchase prices for Ukrainian and Russian wheat new crop supported the stock market in Paris.



  • September futures for milling wheat on MATIF rose by €1/t to 189,25 €/t or 206,55 $/t


Export prices for Russian wheat new crop grow on the background of forecasts of reductions in production caused by the April drought. During the week Russian wheat protein 12.5% from the July shipment on FOB has risen, according to SovEcon, 6 $/t and 202 $/t, and according to ICARUS – $4/ton to 199 $/t


In this season, as of 21 may, Russia exported 35.3 mln tons of grain, which is 13% below the corresponding period last year, including exports of wheat amounted to 30.2 million tons Now exporting companies to discuss with the port's grain terminal may reduce the cost of transshipment in the new season with a 22-24 $/t to 16 $/t


In Ukraine, purchasing prices for wheat of the new crop grew up in port 177 to 178 $/t to 180-183 $/ton amid predictions of reducing the harvest in the southern regions, which are the first in July begin to send grain for export. Bid prices of domestic wheat on FOB basis rose to 195-196 $/t, whereas the demand price reach 190-191 $/t


the bid Price for delivery in the port of old crop wheat in may-June remain at 195-200 $/ton, but deals are almost absent.


the Cost of grain handling in Ukrainian ports on average is $10/ton, although in the case of reducing the harvest of individual companies can get more favorable rates.

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