The purchase price of barley by Saudi Arabia on the new tender has not changed

2017-08-16 12:18:36
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The purchase price of barley by Saudi Arabia on the new tender has not changed

Saudi Arabia at the end of July purchased 900 thousand tonnes of barley at a price 200-211 $/t with delivery in ports of destination, which has led to an increase in world barley prices by $10/t


this week as part of the next tender, the Agency for the purchase of grain in Saudi Arabia (SAGO) bought 660 thousand tons of feed barley optional origin for October shipment to the port of the buyer.


in Particular, the ports of the red sea will be delivered 480 tons of barley purchased from the following operators:

  • ADM - 2 party 200,51 $/t and 201,61 $/t;
  • Glencore - 5 parties 198,24 $/t, 198,94 $/t, 199,89 $/t, 200,44 $/t and 203,14 $/t;
  • Olam - 1 party 203,2 $/t

3 shipment of grain purchased from ADM - 1 party 211,81 $/t per tonne and Glencore are 2 of the party 208,24 $/t and 211,04 $/t per tonne, will be delivered to ports in the Persian Gulf.


the purchase prices of the main importer of barley remained at the same level as in the previous tender, so market prices should stabilize.


the decline in world production of barley in season 2017/18 happens mainly due to the reduced acreage and yields in Ukraine and Australia. Forecast of barley production in the EU increased by 700 thousand tons to 58.2 million tonnes, which is 3% less than 2016, Analysts point to the large protein content in European barley, so the malting barley portion may go to feed the need.


In Ukraine almost completed the harvesting of winter and spring barley, gross yield of approximately 8.5 million tonnes.


the Price of Ukrainian feed barley for delivery in port after a sharp rise at the beginning of August up to 160 $/t stabilized at 158-160 $/t, but thanks to the strengthening of the national currency prices in the national currency decreased to 4750-4900 UAH/t compared to 4850-5000 UAH/ton last week.


the Purchase price of domestic elevators also increased from 4350-4400 UAH/t to 4400-4500 UAH/ton.