The price of rapeseed has dropped the prices of oilseeds

2017-08-15 12:20:36
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The price of rapeseed has dropped the prices of oilseeds

the Heat retreated from the prairies of Canada, in Manitoba, there were good rains, but the lack of precipitation in Saksatcehwan and Alberta continues to negatively affect the development of the canola crop.


the Forecast decline in canola crop due to drought in Canada, held last week, the price of canola from the fall following the decrease in prices of soybean complex on the Chicago stock exchange.


But on Monday, the drop in prices has continued, the price of oil fell to 50.8 $/barrel, while prices for soybeans and soybean oil dropped to 344 and 740 $/ton, respectively.


In Chicago quotes canola yesterday declined to 503,8 CAD/395,5 million tonnes or $/t for deliveries in November.


In Paris on Monday, the price of rapeseed fell by 5.25 €/t to 366,5 €/t or 431 $/t in November, responding to an optimistic forecast from the USDA about the increasing supply of oilseeds in the season 2017/18 2.8 million tons.


output in Europe Today, so price indicators will be the only us exchange.


In Ukraine, the price of rapeseed is at the level of 12100-12300 UAH/t in the domestic grain elevators and 12500-12700 UAH/t or 410-415 $/t at the port. This intensified the demand for rapeseed supply DAP at the border Ukraine-Poland, where traders offer 410-415 $/ton, although in recent years the demand price at the ports compared with the delivery to Poland was higher by 5-8 $/t