The price of sunflower growing because of the devaluation of the hryvnia

2017-10-06 12:45:12
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The price of sunflower growing because of the devaluation of the hryvnia

the depreciation of the hryvnia to 26.7-26,8 UAH/$ has led to an increase in purchase prices for grains and oilseeds in the last week.


Despite strong demand for sunflower seeds from the processors, prices grew  by 50-100 UAH/t only due to the devaluation of the hryvnia.


As of 05.10.17 refiners have raised the prices on CPT-plant 10300-10600 UAH/t last week to 10400-10900 UAH/t, depending on the region of the FCA price-the farm is located within 10200-10500 UAH/ton.


Prices for sunflower oil continue their decline following the global trends of reduction in price of vegetable oils due to the increasing volume of proposals.


Malaysia during the month increased its palm oil production by 1.5% and in September received 1.84 million tonnes, which was the biggest indicator of the month, starting in October 2015.


According to Reuters, in September ending stocks of palm oil in Malaysia increased by 3.2% to 2 million tonnes, the highest level since February, 2016 product Stocks rise for third month in a row, that will continue to put pressure on world prices.


In September the export of Malaysian palm oil increased by 7.8% to 1.6 million tonnes. it is Expected that due to high seasonal demand from China and India, the volume of the October shipments will reach a high enough level.

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