The price of rapeseed decreases after the price of soybeans

2016-07-26 13:44:30
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The price of rapeseed decreases after the price of soybeans

the weather Forecast for the Midwest remains favorable for crops of corn and soybeans. Is expected to warm weather with temporary rains. As a result, prices for soybeans and corn again began to decline after doing well the past stage of flowering.


has Increased sales of funds, which is especially noticeable on the soybean market.


Prices for Ukrainian soybeans new crop in the last three days was down only $ 5 to 365-370 $/ton, at that time, as soy prices in the U.S. market fell to the level of 355 USD/t. under the agreements of October and November.


the Decline in oil prices from $46 to $44,89, the drop in prices of soybean and palm oil provoked a significant reduction in the price of rapeseed.


Yes, the price of canola on the Chicago exchange fell to $337 (445 CAD$), the price of rapeseed on Matt fell to $393, as the price of Ukrainian rapeseed on the basis of CPT-port dropped from $385-390 to $375-380. The forecast yield of rapeseed in the EU ochnulsya at the level of 32.2 kg/ha, which exceeds the average yield over the past 5 years. The yield of rapeseed in Ukraine is also greater than last year and is 25.9 kg/ha, while the gross yield will be 45% less than last year.


  • the Refiners have reduced the price of canola by 100-200 UAH/t to the level 10500-10800 UAH/t with delivery to the plant.
  • the purchase Price in the elevators fell from 10800-10850 UAH/t to 10600-10650 UAH/ton.