The price of rapeseed continues to grow in Europe and in Ukraine

2016-08-19 12:15:44
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The price of rapeseed continues to grow in Europe and in Ukraine

the oil price above 50 dollars per barrel, and rising prices for all types of oils are the main factors of rising prices for rapeseed.
Also factor in the growth was the information on the reduction of rapeseed production in the EU up to 20.3 million tons due to lower production in Germany, the UK, France and Poland by 2 million.
According to experts of Oil World, the import of rapeseed in the EU in 2016/17 MG will increase to 3.7-3.9 million tone. compared to 3.5 million tons in 2015/16МР and against 2.6 million tons in the season 2014/15_. The largest amount of olives in 2015/16 put Australia - 1,8 (1,1) million tons, Ukraine - 1,1 (1,3) million tons, Canada - 0,4 (0,1) million.

Low gross yield in Ukraine at the level of 1.2 million tons will lead to the decrease of export to 0.9-1 million tons, and only about 0.7 million tons to EU countries.

Prices for rapeseed on the MATIF in the last week increased from €364 €378 that increasing the price of the Euro against the dollar has brought a good boost to the dollar price to $428 per ton.

The price of rapeseed in Ukraine also crossed the $400 and now trading at $407-410 delivery to the port.

Prices at the domestic grain elevators reached a value of 11200-11400 UAH. tone, support higher prices also gave a depreciation of the hryvnia from UAH 24,8. to 25,15 UAH. for a dollar.