The price of Brent crude oil fell below 47 $

2017-05-05 12:38:55
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The price of Brent crude oil fell below 47 $

the Increase in volumes of oil production in the United States strengthens the fears of experts in the conservation of the world's oversupply of oil, that on Friday oil futures continued impairment.


for the First time since November last year, Brent oil futures fell below $ 47 $/barrel.


July futures of North sea petroleum mix of Brent fell by 2.67% to the accounting period by 47.09 $/barrel, whereas before this they crossed the level of 47 $/barrel and fell to 46,65 dollars/barrel.


the June WTI crude oil futures fell by 2.72% to 44.28 $/barrel. Psychological mark of us $45/barrel oil price of this brand has crossed down for the first time since November 29, 2016


Recently, the Ministry of energy reported that commercial oil reserves for the week decreased by 0.2%, or 900 thousand barrels to 527,8 million barrels. The experts predicted that the inventory will decrease by 0.44% or 2,333 million barrels to 526,367 million barrels.


oil Production in the United States during the week increased by 0.3% or 28 thousand barrels per day to 9,293 million barrels per day.

Declining oil prices will put pressure on commodity markets, especially in oil and corn prices, so in the near prospects have significant fluctuations in market prices of soybean, sunflower and corn.