World pace of harvesting and sowing of maize is lower than last year

2017-10-04 12:11:24
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World pace of harvesting and sowing of maize is lower than last year

According to reports of analysts USDA as of 01.10.17 in the United States threshed 17% of the area of corn, which is 6% less than the same period last year and 9% below the average five-year average. Advanced productivity meet expectations USDA.


Dry weather contributes to the harvesting of soybeans and corn. But the fall of the water level in the rivers slows the movement of barges, which reduces the rate of exports and pressure on prices in the physical market.


Ukraine has threshed only 13% of the planned 4.5 million hectares of corn. Collected 2.4 million tons of grain with a yield of 4,09 t/ha. the next decade would be dominated by dry weather, which will speed up the pace of the grain harvest.


In Russia 03.10.17 with area 1.1 million hectares (34.6 per cent from scheduled to processing areas) produced 4.9 million tons of corn with a yield of 4.86 t/ha. Some experts have revised estimates of the corn crop in Russia in the current season. Research Institute of the agricultural market has reduced the forecast of gross yield from 15.2 to 15.6 to 13.7-14.2 million tons of corn.


According to Agrural, as 02.10.17 in Brazilian corn-the first crop planted on 23% of the planned area, which is slightly less than the average five-year average. Experts predict that farmers will prefer the soy beans through low domestic prices for corn, so the grain crops this year will be reduced by 10%, including under the first crop by 20%, and safrin – 2%. Now prospects for the first maize crop, whose share in the total grain harvest is up to 30%, remain uncertain. Acreage of corn safrinha will depend on the completion dates of sowing soybean and corn prices in the beginning of next year.