World rice prices rose sharply

2018-01-29 12:11:15
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World rice prices rose sharply

in the past few weeks recorded a sharp increase in rice prices in three largest exporters – India, Vietnam and Thailand - said the Deputy Director of Institute of conjuncture of agricultural market of the Russian Federation. Glazunov.


These countries significantly affect trends in the global rice market, since their cumulative share in world exports exceeds 60%.


So, as 25.01.18 compared 07.12.17, a ton of rice in India rose from 408 to 446 $, Vietnam – from 403 to 425 $, while in Thailand – from 403 to 444 $.


the Main reason for the rapid growth of the prices of Asian exporters, experts believe a significant increase procurement of rice from Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines.


Bangladesh during 2014/15 tried to provide themselves with Fig. However, for the loss of harvest caused by heavy flooding, was forced in 2017 to return to the world's largest importers. For 2017, imports of rice amounted to 2.2 million MT to 35 THD. MT in 2016. Experts predict that in 2018, the country imports about 1.6 million tons of rice.


While Indonesia and the Philippines are actively imported rice to Supplement the domestic reserves, which remain significantly depleted.

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