World corn prices are falling, despite stably demand

2017-03-14 12:11:44
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World corn prices are falling, despite stably demand

on Monday at the stock exchange in Chicago corn has depreciated by a further 4% to the level of 142,02 $/ton. Prices continue to put pressure bearish USDA report and information about the active course of the harvesting campaign in Brazil, where the corn crop harvested 56% of the area versus last year's 52% and the annual average is 47%.


in addition, 88% of the area held the corn for the second crop.


After the world go down the price of corn in Ukraine. However, if US prices fell $8/ton, in Ukraine they dropped to 1-2 $/ton 155 and 156 up to $/ton or 3840-3950 UAH/t for deliveries to the port.


the Pace of exports to remain high during the last week have been shipped 440 thousand tons of corn.


the Demand for Ukrainian grain remains stable and the markets are expanding.


the Government of Kenya decided to purchase 450 thousand tons of yellow corn of Ukrainian origin, which needs to be set in March-may of 2017. Manufacturers will require only a certificate of EU and non-GMO grain.


currently, the Ministry of agriculture compiles a list of farmers wishing to deliver grain in Kenya.