Strategie Grains reduced the grain harvest forecast for the EU

2017-05-22 12:15:00
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Strategie Grains reduced the grain harvest forecast for the EU

Analysts Strategie Grains has lowered the forecast of grain harvest in the EU in the 2017/18 season by 3.6 million tonnes to 301,6 million tons that will exceed the last season at 4.5 million tons, but will not be able to reach a record in 2015 309,8 million tons.


the Basis for the adjustments was the consequences of the April frosts in the major production regions of the EU, in particular in France, Germany and Poland. Prolonged lack of rainfall in France, Belgium and the UK will also lead to reduction of gross harvest of grain.


an Overall assessment of the future of grain harvest in the EU is reduced as follows:

maize – 300 thousand tonnes to 60.1 million tonnes.

  • for soft wheat by 1.1 million tonnes to 142.7 million tons,
  • of durum wheat on 300 thousand tons to 8.6 million tons,
  • barley – 1.7 million tons to 59.6 million tons,


the Association of cooperatives of Germany by the adverse weather conditions have reduced the forecast of rapeseed production in 2017 from 4.93 million tonnes to 4.68 million tons.


Recall that the USDA experts expect a significant reduction in 2017/18 MG world production of wheat. According to their estimates, it will be 737,83 million tonnes and is 3% or 15.3 million tonnes lower than the current marketing year.