Stature of Canada sharply lowered the forecast of grain production

2018-09-03 12:05:39
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Stature of Canada sharply lowered the forecast of grain production

as a Result of prolonged lack of precipitation in some regions and hot weather during grain formation, in a Friday report, Statistics Canada sharply reduced forecasts of yield and production of grains and oilseeds.


compared with 2017, the company will decrease production of wheat, maize, oats, rapeseed, soybean, however, slightly increase the harvest of barley.


More in 2018 will decrease the production of canola – just 10.2% from 21.3 to 19.2 million tonnes, driven by a decrease in acreage of 1.7% and a fall in yields of 8.5% to 37.5 bushels/acre or 2.1 t/ha.


Despite the increase in acreage under wheat in Canada in comparison with 2017 9.4% to 24.3 million acres, total production of wheat will be reduced from 30 to 29 million tons because of the reduction in yield of 11.5% from 49.6 bushels/acre to 43.9 bushels/acre or 2.95 t/ha.


the Increase in soybean yields of 5.4% to 41.2 bushels/acre or 2.77 t/ha will not be able to compensate for the reduction in acreage by 13.7%, resulting in the production of oilseeds will not exceed 7 million tons, which is 9.2% lower than in 2017.


despite the increase in acreage for corn is 2.4%, reduce the yield by 4.4% to of 152.6 bushels/acre or 9.6 t/ha would reduce production of corn in 2018, 2.2% to 13.8 million tons.


barley Production will increase from 7.9 million tons to 8 million tons due to expanding acreage by 11.5%, but production growth will be limited by reduced yields by 9.1% in comparison with last year.