The condition of winter wheat in the world is at last year's level

2017-11-22 12:18:18
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The condition of winter wheat in the world is at last year's level

According to USDA as of 19.11.17 in the U.S. 88% of winter wheat seedlings already obtained. The same figure was recorded last year and on average over 5 years.


as "good or excellent" are 52% germination (54% last week and 58% last year).


According to FranceAgriMer, France corn collected from 99% of the area, and winter wheat planted 95% of the area. In good to excellent condition and 97% of wheat crops. Good weather favors the holding of field work.


In Ukraine due to good weather condition of winter crops is better than last year. And the moisture content of the upper soil layer is higher than a year ago.


In Ukraine, winter grains plan to plant 7.2 million hectares, of which 6.1 million ha of wheat, 0,924 million hectares of barley and 158 thousand hectares of rye. While winter wheat is sown 5.9 million hectares, which is 97% of plan. The share of winter wheat is 95% of the crops of the entire wheat.


Winter barley sown 821 thousand hectares or 60% of the plan, rye – 147 thousand hectares.


In Russia the sowing of winter crops was carried out at the optimum time. However, according to the satellite monitoring of the current state of winter crops is much worse than last year.


Winter crops in Russia is now planted, 17.1 million hectares or 98,2% of the plan that is inferior to last year's 17.8 million acres.