USA plan to raise the import duty on biofuels

2017-10-27 12:49:13
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USA plan to raise the import duty on biofuels

the U.S. Government is again planning to raise import duties on Argentine biodiesel from existing 64,17% to 70%, and on Indonesian – to 50,71%. It is expected that official information about this will be published on 3 January 2018.


the Ministry of Commerce the increase in import duties explain the need to protect American producers of biofuels as the price of imported products are currently considerably below the level of prices in the domestic U.S. market.


However, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Argentina consider such intentions unwarranted since after the August increase in import duties, the American market was closed to Argentine biodiesel. The government of Argentina intends to discuss the issue with U.S. authorities.


Recall that according to USDA Argentina to 2016 delivered to the US 3.5 billion liters of biodiesel, accounting for more than 60% the total import volume of biofuels in the United States.