Speculative growth of quotations of wheat on the stock exchange on the background of growth of export sales

2019-08-23 12:04:41
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Speculative growth of quotations of wheat on the stock exchange on the background of growth of export sales

After 3-day drop of French wheat market finally perked up a bit. On the rise started to play speculators. In addition, the inspiring example showed Chicago, also turned up. Helped by the weakening of the Euro to 3-week low against the U.S. dollar to the level of 1,1069 dollars per Euro.


However, traders continue to keep "in mind" a factor of great suggestions of wheat in the Northern hemisphere, and the strengthening of Ukraine, which is beginning to take markets that leave the sellers from Russia, who continue to hold high sales price.


September quotes milling wheat on the Paris stock exchange MATIF rose by €0.75 to 165,75 € / ton (183,56 $ / tonne).


Export sales of wheat in the United States last week reached 594 600 tonnes, well above analyst expectations for a range of 300 000-500 000 tonnes, which became a factor of growth of quotations on the stock exchanges.


on Thursday, the wheat area Chicago continued rising prices not only because of renewed speculative purchases of investors, but unexpectedly high results weekly export sales, primarily winter wheat in the United States.


However, the weekly trend of the September futures wheat remains to the downside with the angle of the trend minus $2,81. Two-week trend has a tilt angle of minus $10,70.


September's U.S. winter wheat was grown:


  • soft wheat SRW in Chicago by $1.75 to 171,68 $/ton
  • hard wheat HRW in Kansas city for $2,57 to 144,49 $/ton
  • hard wheat HRS in Minneapolis has decreased by $1,38 to 183,16 $/ton


Ukraine continues to increase the pace of wheat due to lower sales prices, particularly popular is wheat with protein 11.5% of the price of which is $ 185 - 187$/t FOB compared with the prices of offers of Russian wheat protein 12,5% at level 191 to 193$/t FOB .


Since the beginning of the season the exports of wheat from Ukraine amounted to 3.66 mn tons, which is 50% more than in the season on the same date, and for the past week were shipped 1.13 million tonnes.

As of 20 August, Russia since the beginning of the 2019/20 MG exported 6.3 mln tonnes of wheat (including movement on the territory of the Customs Union countries). This figure is 7% inferior to the result of the same period a season earlier, whereas a week earlier, the specified gap was 11%.

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