Speculators are trying to destabilize the hryvnia exchange rate

2018-06-15 12:09:47
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Speculators are trying to destabilize the hryvnia exchange rate

the Instability of the currency market on Thursday once again played into the hands of speculators.


what was in a fever as the dollar since the morning of 26.15/26,17 increased train trading before 26,23/26,26, and the Euro, which is the initial 30,8936/30,9172 collapsed immediately to 30,5736/30,606.


the Cause of the rise in the us dollar has been a sharp increase in demand from importers amid limited number of offers from sellers who wait for the best rate and held back the currency.


Dramatic collapse of the Euro has caused the ECB's decision to continue quantitative easing until at least the end of the year, while analysts were counting on her quick end that would lead to the strengthening of the Euro against the dollar. Caused by unexpected step, the ECB panic in world markets has fallen off the Euro against the dollar with up to 1,184 1,156.


the national Bank has considered such trabki rate as temporary and speculative, and therefore did not carry out the auction to support the course. Will soon begin a cleaning company and will increase foreign exchange earnings from agricultural exports, which will reduce pressure on the hryvnia.


foreign trade Deficit of Ukraine in January-April 2018 increased in comparison with the corresponding period last year by 1.5 times and amounted to 1,423 billion $. The exports of goods increased by 12.8% to 15,457 $ billion, import – by 15.1% to 16.88 billion dollars.