Hot weather can greatly reduce the global grain harvest

2018-05-25 12:05:11
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Hot weather can greatly reduce the global grain harvest

Traders are more concerned about weather conditions in the major countries-producers of grain, as in the United States, Brazil and Australia continue to strengthen the drought.


the Condition of crops of winter wheat in the southern Plains of the United States, where for a long time no precipitation, will worsen even more promised in the near future raise the temperature of the air.span>


In the Midwest next week predict a mixed picture of rain. In the Western and Central regions are expecting above normal temperatures with little precipitation in the North and North-West are predicting moderate and heavy rainfall, which will have a positive impact on the development of crops.


Dry weather in the Canadian prairies a concern about getting good germination, especially in the Western and Northern regions, while, in the South-Eastern regions will be rain.


long lack of rainfall in Brazil threatens crops of corn second crop, using the total production of maize in the country will be 20% less than last year.


In Argentina, the precipitation stopped, which allowed to extend the harvest of soybeans.


In the North-East of China reigns unusually hot weather, which can damage crops of wheat. In growing areas of soybeans and corn last week were favorable precipitation.


According to the forecasts ABARES Australian sled, after a week of lack of rainfall in the next decade in the Eastern regions of wheat will be slight rain, and in the West – more powerful.


In Ukraine have been uneven and sometimes inadequate rainfall, but good soil moisture reserves reduces stress for the plants.


In Russia next week in the regions of winter wheat production will be dominated by hot and dry weather and in the rain and cold in Siberia, keep sowing.