Soy beans and oil continue to go up

2017-03-06 12:38:56
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Soy beans and oil continue to go up

amid logistical problems in Brazilian ports price for soybeans and oil on the stock exchange in Chicago continue to grow.


So, last week, soybeans rose by 6 $/t to 383,51 $/ton, and soybean oil – by 2.3% to 761,5 $/ton for may deliveries.


Support prices for oilseeds markets in the USDA report on the growth of refining and stocks of soybean oil in the United States.


In January, the redesigned 170,61 million bushels of soybeans, which exceeded the expectations of market participants and 6.3% higher than January 2016.


Stocks of soybean oil in the United States at the end of January amounted to 2,086 billion feet, which is 1.29% lower than in January 2016, but 11.4% higher than it was at the end of December 2016.


In Ukraine, prices for soybeans in the ports rose to 385-390 $/ton or 12100-12500 UAH/ton.