The reduction in exports is putting pressure on wheat prices

2017-11-21 12:06:44
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The reduction in exports is putting pressure on wheat prices

the December wheat futures in Chicago yesterday fell 1.4 percent to 4.22 $/bushel than wiped out the growth of prices in the previous session.


wheat Exports from the U.S. last week fell to 259,264 thousand tons, as compared to 434 thousand tons in the same period of the 2016/17 season.


also on the prices presses a sharp strengthening of the dollar against a basket of world currencies.


the December futures for U.S. wheat decreased

to 2.20 $/t to 152,85 $/t for hard wheat HRW in Kansas city,

3.22 $/t to 230,10 $/t for hard spring wheat HRS in Minneapolis.

  • 1.93 $/t to 155,05 $/ton, soft wheat SRW in Chicago


According to the Russian statistics in global markets has significantly increased the presence of Russian wheat sales since the beginning of the 2017/18 MG increased by 26% to 14.8 million tons.


Prices of Russian wheat remained at the level of 192 $/t FOB although the expectations of traders falling prices in line with global trends. But the closure of small ports may limit the volume of offers of Russian grain.


Since the beginning of the current my, EU countries have reduced wheat exports by 23% to 7.5 million tonnes as at 14.11.17. During the second week of November on world markets sold 339 thousand tons of soft wheat from the EU.


the Falling prices for soft wheat in Chicago reflected on the Paris stock exchange. But prices have supported the weakening of the Euro, caused by the uncertain political situation in Germany.


  • December futures milling wheat on the Paris MATIF fell by €1/t to 157,75 €/t (185,39 $/t).


the Volume of wheat exports from Ukraine is still at the level of last year, but in the last week exports fell to 247 thousand tonnes, down from 348 thousand tons in the previous week.


the Purchase prices at the port fell slightly and is now:

wheat protein 11.5% of 169-172 $/t,

feed wheat 164 to 166 $/t

  • wheat protein 12,5% 174-175 $/t,