Sowing of spring cereals held by 92%

2017-04-18 12:01:59
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Sowing of spring cereals held by 92%

According to Minagropolitiki at 14.04.17 all regions of the country have completed the top dressing of the winter plants. All were fed by 7.1 mln ha of winter crops and 872 thousand hectares of crops.


coming to the end of sowing of early grain crops. On a specified date planted 2.2 million hectares projected for planting 2.4 million hectares.


So, on a specified date planted:


  • wheat 154 thousand hectares, representing 85% of the planned 180 thousand hectares,
  • barley 1.5 million ha or 91% of the planned 1.6 million hectares
  • peas 369 thousand ha or 112% of the expected 330 thousand hectares
  • oats 190 thousand hectares, or 92% of the planned 207 thousand hectares.


in addition, the sowing of sugar beet on the area of 251 thousand hectares, accounting for 86% of the expected 293 thousand hectares.


Started sowing maize for grain already sown 236 thousand hectares or 5 % of the planned to plant 4.5 million hectares.


Sunflower sown on 1 million hectares or 19% from the forecast of 5.4 million hectares, soybeans – 24 thousand ha or 1% of the expected 1.9 million hectares.


it is Expected that in the current year sowing area under soybeans will be increased by 100-200 thousand hectares to reach a total of 2 million hectares, which will increase the gross harvest of oilseeds by 10-12%.