Spring grain sowing in Russia is 30% slower than last year

2018-05-07 12:23:52
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Spring grain sowing in Russia is 30% slower than last year

this season, the sowing of spring crops in Russia was delayed late and cool spring, and dry weather in the Central regions can lead to reduced yields. Traders are watching the pace of planting and condition of the crops, as the prices in the new season will depend on Russian harvest.


Spring crops in the country planted 9.4 million hectares or 17.7% of the planned volume (against 13.3 million hectares on this date in 2017), including spring grains and leguminous crops 5.4 million ha or 17.6% of planned (against 7.7 million hectares in 2017).


So, currently, the spring crops were sown:

barley, 2.2 million ha or 28.6% of the forecast (2017 3.1 million hectares),

corn and 1.3 million ha or 44.5% of the forecast (2017 to 1.8 million hectares),

rice 81,9 thousand ha or 44.4% of the forecast (2017 – 59,3 thousand hectares).

  • wheat 640,5 thousand hectares or 5% of the forecast (2017 to 1.1 million ha),


in addition, we conducted sowing:

sunflower on the area of 1.7 million hectares or 22% of the forecast (2017 and 2.3 million hectares),

soybeans on the area of 356,5 thousand hectares or 13.1% of the forecast (2017 – 476 thousand hectares),

rapeseed on the area 128,1 thousand ha or 12.2% of the forecast (2017 – at 184, 3 thousand hectares).

  • sugar beet on the area of 665,7 thousand hectares or 60.8% from the forecast (2017 – 990,2 thousand hectares),

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