Situation on the interbank market may change in the near future

2016-08-09 12:40:36
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Situation on the interbank market may change in the near future

Monday, like previous trading days, was marked by insignificant volumes of trading on the interbank market. According to the NBU, they amounted to only 265,57 million dollars. Taking into account the specifics of the reflection of transactions of banks in the system of the national Bank of Valkla this means that the actual volume of trading amounted to only 132,785 million dollars. On this basis, any player who conducts operations in the amount of 10-20 million dollars can influence the direction of the trend.


Feature of trading the interbank market is the lack of foreign exchange surplus. Demand slightly exceeds the number of proposals, prompting the currency to rise. For the second consecutive session, the hryvnia cannot be reinforced.

  • in the morning the course was declared at the level of 24,815/24,825 UAH/$.
  • up To 11 hours, it fell to 24,805/24,82 UAH/$.
  • Before lunch, the currency has risen to 24,825/24,83 UAH/$.
  • in Late trading, the dollar was worth 24,822/24,83 UAH.


the Excess currency was not, therefore, interbank market decided not to go. The lack of a sufficient number of proposals allows sellers to raise prices, and buyers have no alternative and are forced to sign contracts for the existing conditions. Most of the operations were carried out in the range 24,82 UAH/$ +- 0,3 penny.


Trading on the interbank market on 8 August had two essential parts:

  • small volume of transactions, which is very unusual for a Monday,
  • continuation of the trend in the increase of the exchange quotations on the background of small volumes of sentences and the ever-growing demand.

These two factors are cause for some concern and in case of continuation of such trends may be signals of global change in the situation on the currency market in the direction of growth of the dollar.