Family farmers, simplified taxation

2018-07-11 13:29:58
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Family farmers, simplified taxation

July 10, 2018 by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the decision to amend the legislation under which the owners of family farms the opportunity together with family members to be a single tax payers of the fourth group.


from Now on, such persons have the opportunity to receive benefits upon payment of the single social contribution, as noted in the message of Ministry of agrarian policy.


from Now on the Ukrainian farmers and their families who live in rural areas, become full-fledged entrepreneurs and receive a number of benefits. The official status of the entrepreneur for preferential taxation allows them to enter new organized markets and increase revenues. Extremely important is the fact that created the opportunity to engage these entities in government programs that will have a positive impact on their development.


Adopted changes is important not only for farmers but for the whole Ukraine, because this will encourage the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas, so there will be new jobs, will increase the welfare of farmers.


in Particular, adopted by the law change set:

  • owners of family farms receive a Charter of farmers registered as sole traders, as well as the opportunity to voluntarily register and pay taxes under the simplified system;
  • within 10 years have the opportunity of preferential tax treatment, family members pay single social payment, insurance period is credited at the expense of the state budget in the first year paid 90% of ESV, the second – 80% (within 10 years that percentage will decrease until the farmer does not become independent in this process);
  • owners of family farms working with simplified accounting and tax reporting;
  • have the ability to simplify and normalize the process of state registration of the family farm, in the future they will be able to purchase the Charter of the family farm;
  • funds to pay tax and payment of rent for land enters in the budget where there is land.